The Candidate EP

by Too Cool Kid

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THE CANDIDATE EP is the latest release from angular rockers Too Cool Kid. The four track EP encapsulates the quirky but anthemic sound of the band, bringing to mind bands like The Strokes, Interpol, Failure & Porcupine Tree.

The EP is also accompanied by four interlinking music videos directed by Ola El Awadly. In the film, a political candidate finds his campaign deteriorating, and with it, his life, confidence, and sense of self.


Produced by the band's own Ross Shelley Pilsworth, THE CANDIDATE EP is Too Cool Kid's strongest material since their formation, a definitive mantra by which to judge the group.


released February 22, 2019

Too Cool Kid are:

Jay Plent
Ross Shelley Pilsworth
George Addison Atkinson

Songs performed by Too Cool Kid
All songs written by Jay Plent
Produced by Ross Shelley Pilsworth

Cover photography for ‘The Candidate EP’ taken by Christian Plent, editing and graphic design done by Betsy Herbert. ‘Too Cool Kid’ logo designed by Jay Plent.

THE CANDIDATE EP is both an EP and a short film. Check out the interlinking music videos directed by Ola El Awadly on YouTube.

Too Cool Kid reserve the right to distribute their music as they see fit. If you wish to use a piece of Too Cool Kid’s music, please contact

TCK2019, All rights reserved ©


all rights reserved



Too Cool Kid Cambridge, UK

Too Cool Kid are a British music entity, creating modern melodic rock with clever lyrics and quirky yet catchy arrangements.

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Track Name: Drained
All the breath that your body took from me
I'd suck it in
The energy

Fills me up

All the breath that your body gave to me
As if pouring yourself out endlessly
Through the silence and into the dark

Something's up
Something's up

All the breath that your body drained of me
And never sharing anything
Truth, defiance, eventually crushed

Something's up
Something's up

(Come and get your heaven if it tastes right)
Track Name: Sleep Me Off
Not sure at all
Everywhere I go, there's a piece of you on every wall
Wish I was blind to the cause
If I can get through this I can survive anywhere that I fall

Breaking through
Breaking through
The air is clearer after water has consumed you

Where do I fall?
If there's a little more trust I wouldn't need to fall at all
It's a faustian pact it's enamel that's cracked
It's the same expectation derived from a physical blow (and so you're)

Sleep me off
Sleep, sleep me off
And you'll have changed your mind by the time you wake up

By the time you wake up
Sleep me off (you've gotta)
Time to wake up
Change your mind I'll never change your mind
Track Name: Arrogant Peace Protest
Harmless and cunning if you need someone
I'm for hire
In a second I'll be ready
Dress to kill
In a second round of anger
I am listening to you and her

Bring up the bodies
All the bodies
Fuck the bodies
Leave the bodies
We'll be here

Arrogant peace protest

Well if it comes down to this hangover
I wanna be dead
Ready for action you're a plague
You put the hurt in my hand

It doesn't matter
Nothing matters
Nothing matters
If it mattered you'd be here

Oh are you selfish already?
I'm impressed
Well in amidst all the decay we're torn and frayed
There is no rest

Arrogant peace protest
Track Name: After Hours
Tried to look past this
I can't do it anymore
I tried to be distant
But I can't separate you and her

I don't want this hatred this need to
Tear you apart in my hands
I know I have made this
From my guarded emotional stance

I've been tailing you in the dark trying to learn all your patterns
I've been following you after hours how did I let this happen?
I'm not afraid of you I'm not the same as you
I'm not a clone all my pieces alone

But I am
I'm up after hours for you

Told you no I haven't
You can't see what it would cost
Can't make it apparent
Without feeling that I've lost

We lie because it's easier
Than tearing walls down
Faced with my ambition
I retreat to then from the now

And can you bring me down to Earth?

Make me understand, make me understand

A noise
That urges

I didn't care what it took to break you
I didn't care what it took to break you

An ocean
A world
Your heart
Your hands
Your actions

I didn't care what it took to break you
I didn't care what it took to break you

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